New Years Resolutions?


Im sitting here wondering how the hell this year went by the way it did. Maybe that’s why I started blogging again just to make sure that I keep track of time as it passes by. 2013 was ok to me, I found love (yippee), I made some mistakes (like every other year) and I learned a lot about myself. Oh and I stuck to absolutely NO new years resolutions I made end of last year. So i’m wondering if I should spend more precious time coming up with a list I would have forgotten about come March, only to stumble across it and have a cloud of guilt hanging over my head because I feel incompetent.

Nope. I shall not. What I will do is take my resolution list one step further and make a vision board which i will stick on my wall (no matter how dorm room it will make my bedroom look), and look at at it and meditate over it everyday. Hopefully this will work better than a list since we are all visual beings. So let me get to cutting out pictures of sexy healthy women, handbags and shoes, and other nice stuff. Maybe I will post a picture of it when it’s done 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEARS PEEPS! (do people still call each other peeps?) May your day be filled with fireworks, family, friends and more than enough champagne

anyone else wanting to create a vision board and doesn’t know how, here is where to start: 

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