Life as a Google addict

So i have noticed something over the past few weeks. Well, not noticed, I think deep down I always knew I had a problem. Deep down I always knew, that no matter how hard I tried, I would always come crawling back. Yes, it’s hard to admit, but I am a google addict.

I think it started off as anyone starting off, i would check google occasionally. Then slowly, even simple things, like how to wash my hair became a reason to use google. I literally google everything i have the chance to. Even things that don’t exist, like “how do you know that a person isn’t really an alien”. It has gotten so out of hand that my once lively Twitter and Facebook accounts are just barren and lonely, and my Instagram is begging for some new photos… since all my time is spent on google. When my phone battery dies and im in the supermarket and in need of ideas for groceries I have a mini anxiety attack. Who depends on google to tell them what groceries they need???

Ok so maybe i’m being a tad dramatic, but this might be a real thing here. I even just googled “how to know you’re addicted to google” -______- . You may think I don’t have work…. meanwhile my chronic procrastination paired with a steady internet connection is just a recipe for absolutely no work done. Well i guess they say the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

There I said it. Now that that’s out of the way let me go back to real life.

(in retrospect, actually im not that bad… this guy below got a flippin google tattoo…0_0 …. like why. Why on earth would you flippin do that)


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