When wise statements aren’t so wise…

There are certain things that people say, that may sound smart and profound, but once you think of it in relation to the moment, you realize that they were probably not listening to you and gave a cheesy line to cover up for the inadequacy. These are the top 3 lines that I think you can call bullshit on

  1. If you love someone, let them go: This, for some reason, people think applies to romantic relationships. Firstly, if you love someone and you are having problems, letting them go isn’t going to fix anything. If the person was listening to your dilemma, instead of saying let them go rather they should have said “maybe you are overwhelming them, give them some time to themselves”. What does letting them go even mean? Let them go find other women? Which is probably what will happen if your selfless gesture of letting someone go is misunderstood as you giving them a hall pass. Also it must be very strange holding your lover hand and whispering “I’m letting you go.” Also this statement proceeds to say “if they return, they were always yours” … or they now have an STD and no one else wants them. 0_0


  1. If it is meant to be, it will happen: Ok I probably say this all the time, that’s mostly because sometimes I just don’t have a smart response. I mean if you approach your friend with a goal of yours, or a relationship you want to work and they say “if it is meant to be it will happen” are they trying to say that whether you try or not it makes no difference… shit just happens? I think a better response is “if you want it to happen you have to put in some work”. Successful people and successful relationships require time, dedication and effort. Imagine your doctor says to you, you have a shitty heart, but if you are meant to live, you will live… while calmly sipping his green tea. Nah ah, you are gonna get that shit sorted, right? Don’t pass this comment as being and actual solution to any situation whatsoever.


  1. There is always tomorrow: No shit. This is a very popular one; I mean there will only not be a tomorrow if my already shitty day ends up in me getting hit by a speeding truck. Then there will be no tomorrow, for tomorrow I shall be dead. When someone says this, what they really mean is “ok, it’s about time you stop whining, hopefully tomorrow your life gets better”. When stuff doesn’t go as planned, and you feel stuck, it is better if people say “it is understandable that you had a bad day, but don’t focus all your energy on your losses, rather learn from today mistakes and apply those lessons in your future so that you can grow.” Also another thing there will always be besides tomorrow is chocolate ice-cream and wine (unless all vineyards and ice-cream factories spontaneously explode).


Well that’s about it. Again I admit I only realized these statements were bullshit because I said them so much and came to terms with the fact that I can sometimes be a crappy listener with good intentions… which isn’t a crime J

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