let’s just be grateful

Sometimes life forces us to stop and acknowledge it. Acknowledge that it does not give itself to us because it has to but because it wants to and at any time it can walk away and leave us with nothing. Life does not like being taken for granted, it does not like being wasted and it does not like being forgotten. There as so many people who lose their lives daily and even more people who spend their days complaining that they are alive. This does not make any sense to me. I think if you can experience the world, talk to people, eat a jelly bean, pick a flower, listen to your favorite song, scream, paint, taste… you should have everything to be grateful about. Life might suck sometimes, but you know what would suck more? Being dead.

Too many young people are losing their lives. I think it’s time to make mine count.


R.I.P Palesa – Even though I knew you for a second, I could still tell you were destined for greatness

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