The psychology of shoes… according to me

Image I get up in the morning. I brush my teeth. I (hopefully) shower. I put on some clothes. I eat some cereal (while thinking about bacon). I put my bowl in the sink. Still no shoes on.

Somehow I always get to this point. The point where I’m rushing trying not to be late for class and I can’t decide what shoes to wear. If I wear the sneakers it won’t make sense with this skirt, if I wear the pumps my calves will look huge, if I wear the heels I will have to paint my toes… and so on and so forth. Eventually I just pick a damn pair and leave the house.This is the thing about shoes, well at least to me, you can never have enough and the perfect pair won’t remain the perfect pair for long.

I think you can judge a fair amount about a person by the shoes they wear. I used to judge whether or not I would give a guy the time of day by the shoes he wore; running shoes with jeans? Never ever! Crocs? I would rather shoot my knees -__-. BUT When we are dealing with some sexy cut boots or a modern pair of derby shoes… yum. It seems ridiculous yes but I really think I’m onto something.

Much like clothes, the shoes we wear form a part of who we are, what we think of ourselves. If someone is always in sneakers it either means they are ready to run away from a crime scene or they are waaaay laid back; it’s not like you’re going to see the editor of a fashion magazine wearing rafters. That’s just not (hopefully) going to happen. I think shoes however are a great investment, one that people often overlook. A good pair of shoes can finish off a look, make you seem well put together and thoughtful. Never underestimate the power of the shoe, just think of the sexyness and allure that comes with the hot red of a Louboutin (just an example); If i had a cupboard full of those I would wear my shoes before I even brush my teeth. Just saying.

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