What a random list and Diana Vreeland have in common

I had watched a documentary on Diana Vreeland about a month ago and as usual my fashion bone was tickled and so was my curiosity. I started doing some more research on this lady and learnt that she was pretty damn fantastic at her time. She was quite possibly insane, definitely over the top, and arguably a genius. If you havent watched the documentary Diana Vreeland: The eye has to travel, go do it, even if you have no interest in fashion. With that said, before Ms Vreeland went on to become one of the most influential Vogue editors, she started her magazine career by writing a little insert in Harpers bazaar know as why don’t you. This consisted of a list of various frivolous things. And so in her honour I made my own little list of why don’t you’s 🙂



“No war or pestilence in history has ever stopped fashion and manners in dress from progressing and changing. It is an indomitable force to adorn and to please, to change and create.”- Diana Vreeland

Imagephoto credit http://latestwrinkle.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/diana-vreeland-by-richard-avedon.jpg


2 Replies to “What a random list and Diana Vreeland have in common”

  1. John-Michael says:

    Nice list. DV:The Eye Has to Travel is one of my favorites discovered on Netflicks.

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