Something McQueen said… and my waffling caption

Something McQueen said... and my waffling caption

So i really wasn’t going to post anything today, firstly because I have nothing of importance to say, and secondly, even if I did I would’t say it well because Im half finishing a school assignment. All of this is totally irrelevant in terms what I am posting about, I really do need to work on my waffling… which brings me to my point! I was on Pintrest (procrastination central) and saw this quote, and since I posted a quote last week maybe I should make a quote a week thing. But I’m fairly disorganised so I won’t officially commit to that.
ANYWAYS! I love this! haha a woman should be fierce in her dress. Not always though, that could be a problem if you’re a single woman 0_0 any who I’m just going to stop typing now.

3 Replies to “Something McQueen said… and my waffling caption”

  1. athomas1014 says:

    Haha great post! I never know what to say in mine, i enjoyed your waffling 🙂

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