Dont Marry Rich (just yet)

I saw a picture while doing my usual rounds of procrastination and it made me stop and think ( i attached it below). Firstly i thought how as women, so much more is expected from us now since in most countries we have access to the same education and the same rights as men (at least we should, sadly this is arguable). I thought, yes, although it would me amazing to marry Mr. Tall, Rich and Handsome, that is not one of my priorities; actually, I find myself doing everything I can not to fall under a mans shadow.

I love men. They are great (when they arent being a pain) but I think modern women are challenged by others, and should challenge themsleves to be more than a wife or a girlfriend. One of my fears is to be successful only by the means of someone elses success and achievements. When people refer to me I do not want it to be, “oh that’s Mr. Rights wife”, or “oh thats that millionaires girlfriend”. No, FREAKING, way. When people refer to me i want it to be, “That is Valerie, she is she is so talented (etc…etc…compliments..etc), what phenomenal woman”… oh and she is also married to that very successful and attractive man.

Haha. That would be great. I shall try, with all the sense in me, to make sure I marry a man who doesn’t make me want to be like him, but rather compliments my achievements with his *makes pinky promise to self*



One Reply to “Dont Marry Rich (just yet)”

  1. story teller says:

    I agree with you! I feel that marrying a man for his money leaves you with no self respect almost like you are trampling on your own ability to make it big in life. 🙂
    Following you! 🙂

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