Yes yes I’ve been quiet and totally haven’t stuck to my blogging goals but such is life plus coming to the end of my semester life seemed like a race I couldn’t keep up in -___- but anyywhooo all that is over and I finally started my intership! Yaaay. My first day was pretty chilled although I have no doubt it will get more hectic as fashion tends to do. My diet has become somewhat interesting, breakfast I managed to stuff down a roll and a chicken sausage, lunch I ate samosas that I first said I didn’t want but glad I ate cause they were pretty yummy… And supper was ice cream haha… Then more chicken cause I realized no matter how much I wanted to… Ice cream does not count as a real meal. All in all a pretty good day 😁 *happy face*


Yes I stole that pic from my Instagram account -___+. Eek let me sleep it’s freaking 1am *lights out*

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