The Fanny Pack…

There has always been a shaky relationship between being practical and being fashionable. Normally when things are practical they are far from fashionable, (for example Crocs) and when things are fashionable they are hardly practical (10 inch louboutins, jumpsuits -peeing is a mission in them… and the list goes on). Well I was recently faced with a small dilemma myself. I was attending a music festival (Rocking the daisies) and my brother had just bought a fanny pack to keep his cellphone in.

Of course I laughed at him and of course I lost my phone that weekend while his was in the safe and loving pockets of the fanny pack. The truth is I was afraid of wearing a fanny pack for only one reason… I might get addicted to it. That’s probably why I don’t wear anything that promises large amounts of comfort and practicality because if I visit the other side… I may never come back.

To make it worse he left his fanny pack in my room, and I haven’t even moved it. Every morning I wake up and stare at it and the temptation to pick it up and wear it is starting to eat at me. I mean I wouldn’t need to carry my handbag… or my wallet… it has slots for everything… even a little zip I can put my lipstick in.

I should just throw it away. But my curiosity wont let me. Or should I bling it out? No, now I will just be that girl with the bedazzled fanny pack. I don’ t think I can take it anymore actually. I’ll just wear it once… I have to. I mean Rihanna has worn one. But that’s not really a comparison, hers probably cost a lot of money plus she’s Rihanna… she can wear toilet paper and it would be ok.

Or I should just wait, I think the fashion world is ready to accept fanny packs… maybe I should make some sexy ass fanny packs and sell them. Is there a fanny pack market? Gosh so many questions. Screw it, I’m going to wear it and I know I’ll feel great, now I cant wait to get home and put it on haha.

I feel better now that it’s out. I was spending too much time having this internal debate. Now let me get back to real life and real life problems like how I’m gonna fit my booty into a bikini this summer.

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