An attempt at a belated New Year message

Well I haven’t posted in a while. And BAM it was the new year. And I was too busy watching the stars to have anything to say about the new year. I still don’t have anything to say about the new year, since i have not made any real resolutions (expect find a way to get sexier). What I do have though are many many thoughts about the year because I am at a transition in my life. I’ve exhausted my college years (6 years 2 degrees, my parents wont let me do another) so I finally cant make any more excuses about anything. The decisions I make this year could make me or break me. The first one being not looking for a full time job. All I can hope is that venturing into entrepreneurship will smile at me and Kahvarah will be able to give back to the world the love it has shown me.
Besides that there are about 5 things that have popped up in my head in the past 8 days, things about myself I might need to work on:

1. Im still surprised when people care about what I have to say. I should be proud of what i say (brain farts included)

2. I keep replying to emails and messages in my head instead of real life

3. I need to start making my bed in the morning

4. I need to stop feeding stray cats, i’ve visited my parents and in just two weeks i’ve managed to summon 3 cats to our doorstep. My parents hate cats.
5. I need to figure out exactly what it means to be a grown up. I still find myself saying “when I grow up”
6. Budget. This can no longer be a myth
7. A box of Oreos does not constitute dinner
8. Being socially awkward and a business woman are two things that don’t go together. I need to find my awkward switch and turn it off.
Other than that. I can only hope that people stop spending so much time on hurting other people #iamcharlie , that Africa keeps on getting recognized for its brilliance and boundless talent #africaisart and that love is a recurring theme in peoples lives #livelove
Happy new year 🙂

started the new year with great company in Zanzibar. Always blessed 🙂 Photo by: ElleEmmanuel Photography

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