Just Breathe

I have been telling myself I’m going to sit down and write my thoughts for waaaay too long now. I’m always busy, there is always something more important to do… life sometimes doesn’t give you a break to just sit down, breathe and reflect. This past weekend was probably the most stressful of my life, both my phones were ringing non-stop, people were asking me questions that didn’t need answers to, the weather was acting bi-polar and I was 100% sure my heart was just going to … stop. But it’s Tuesday and I’m still here and I’m still breathing.

I’ve had James Bay “let it go” on repeat for some time now, and yes it’s a sad breakup song but to me a few lines say more than just “break up song”. He says “I used to recognize myself It’s funny how reflections change, When we’re becoming something else I think it’s time to walk away.” …”Everything that’s broke Leave it to the breeze”.  I think there is a lot of truth in that, once you are in such a panic or such a state it makes you think ‘who the hell am I?’ its time to just breathe and step back for a moment. I have learnt i can’t fix everything, I can’t possibly control everything and some things are just not meant to be. So instead of worrying and losing brain cells trying to make everything perfect give it your best and chill.

Anyway. I really need to restructure this blog. Its just about as messy as my head  *note to self: organize blog and organize brain*


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