Blushin’ Bold

My recent venture has taken me into full-time make-up obsession, not in a ‘let me put on 100 layers of foundation way’, but more towards aiming to discover the art, design and versatility in make-up along with the thousands of ways to make it totally unique to you. This is not an article about finding the perfect blush, or how to contour; it is an article about using your make up, not to cover up your flaws, but to emphasize your individuality.

What most people don’t realize is that make up can be as much as an accessory as a handbag, or a cool pair of earrings, there are so many existing make-up trends and an infinite amount of ways you can tailor them to your own style. My personal favourite, liquid liner, is like a miracle paint brush and can be used to add little delicate charms to your face, such as little hearts as beauty spots or a recent trend, dotted eyes, which are simple and dainty yet still make a statement.



Another way to use makeup to add instead of conceal is funky coloured eyebrows! Yes your mother might look at you sideways, but that’s probably because she wished her generation was cool enough to pull that look off.

The secret to pulling off anything daring is, and will always be… confidence. If you chose to colour your eyebrows green and wear black lipstick, OWN IT and people will not only admire your style but also be drawn by your infectious confidence.

I am a dark skinned black girl who occasionally wears blue lipstick and has  been spotted with both platinum blonde and white braids and I found out that, hey, I can freakin’ rock blue lipstick and this cray hair! But I would have never learnt that by watching other people take risks. So instead of wearing your eyeliner,  the same way you do every day and putting on that same shade of lipstick you have worn since your matric dance, take a little risk. You should always want to push the envelope; we have a world of different ways to present ourselves, so why would you just stick to one. Anyone can look, cute, agreeable and pretty damn beautiful, but it is so much more fun to be BOLD.


First two Images: Dotty – (Instagram: @Itsmyrayeraye) & Exotic Green –

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