This. This has been a challenging year. I was someone who didn’t like talking about my emotions, or letting my pain be seen, but sometimes when the walls that you built with your own hands fail you, you just have to sit and surrender. To God, to the universe and to yourself.

My friends pain, my family’s pain, my own pain seemed like it was going around in an unending cycle and eventually people break; and the strength to hold back tears turns into the strength to cry, and the strength to do everything on your own becomes the strength to ask for help.

If there is one thing I have definitely learned is that feeling pain is a form of freedom. There are many who aren’t allowed to grieve, be weak, to stop and confess that their hearts have broken. Many live within the shadows of their unsung misery. And so, I welcome my heartache and I encourage my friends to do the same. Bleed out your pain until it is no more and you can move forward with the rest of you.


“fall apart, please fall apart. Open your mouth and hurt. Hurt the size of everything it is”

-Nayyirah Waheed

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