wanderer. part 1.

Part 1 of the photoshoot I did with the talented Elizabeth Emmanuel. I have never felt so free and comfortable with my body. Self acceptance is truly a spiritual experience.


“Since childhood, we are told to hide, to keep our heads down and to act like part of the crowd.
Society expects us to be a certain way which may cause us to drift away from reaching our fullest potential. It builds fear, disbelief and suppresses our creativity.

What if one day, we decided to break the status quo and started living a little more, caring a little less and became wanderers?

Woman. According to the Oxford dictionary, a woman is defined as an “adult human female”. How would you define a woman? Let me rephrase that, do you feel the need to validate her?

Does a woman who does not require your validation translate into someone who is no longer giving into being “submissive”? Does that make her less of a lady, less beautiful, less desirable, less vulnerable, less capable of loving, or just a complete headache?

Does the moment she lacks an “emotional” response make her intimidating? Does she intimidate you?”

Words and Photography by ElleEmmanuelPhotography

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