Monsters are people

Who are loved by someone 

that they don’t love back

Yet hoard their affection 

Dry them out of hope and trust 

Then let them go
Monsters are people 

Who are loved by someone 

They don’t love back 

But are scared of being alone 

So they hurt them, emotionally 

And sometimes physically 

And convince them no one could ever love them 
Monsters are people 

Who watch someone 

Love a person who does not love them back 

And say nothing

Keep silent 

And watch them fade from being something ….into a broken nothing. 

3 Replies to “monsters.”

  1. sinnerz13 says:

    Sadly th err are many monsters out there and they are all human!

    • V.amani says:

      People who live their lives by oppressing others, and letting their lives be run by selfishness and greed or use violence to prove power… Those people need the most help and guidance, the world is falling more and more into chaos unfortunately and it is up to us to do something. Sorry I went on there 😅 thanks for your constant support!

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