The different forms of joy:

Making something you’re proud of 


Laughing till you snort

Forgiving someone completely 

Letting in love 

Realizing you’re better today than you were yesterday 

Understanding … Something you didn’t think you could understand 

When your love makes someone glow 

Accepting the things beyond your control 


Watching the sunrise 

Drinking a cool drink on a hot day 

Bear hugs when your bones feel weak 

Visceral silence 

Kissing the love of your life 

A rejuvenating nap 

Starting a book you’ve been meaning to start 

Going to work and realizing how much you enjoy doing what you’re doing 

The moment someone understands you with the absence of war 

One Reply to “joy.”

  1. sinnerz13 says:

    Winning a game against a friend after many losses 🙂

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