A.N.S.A Part II, 2019

A.N.S.A is a collaborative piece shot and edited by Lilian Magari. As a sequel to the A.N.S.A part I,  we see characters come to life. It is a representation of the movement on resistance, the movement of creativity within a state with oppressed ideas.

[A.N.S.A is a call for rebellion. There is a state of tension and anxiety induced by the piece, but there is also an underlying feeling of resistance and hope, with a message that creativity cannot and will not be restricted.]

Clothes – Kahvarah | Stylist – Brian Swai | Model – Manka John | Model – Victor Kasiga| Photographer – Andrew Munuwa | Photographer – Guillem Gomis | Art & Creative Director – Valerie Amani | Director & Editor – Lilian Magari
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