Home is not where the heart is The heart is always fleeting  So home is always fleeting  Home is where you are now  Where you find solace for now  Where you can be the best version of you now Home is what makes you feel most yourself Exposed yet safe 


I’ve been searching for refuge I might as well have been scratching through dustbins overflowing with waste I looked for it in in the walls of churches, in the words of friends, in the beds of lovers, in the pages of books, in the sun, in the moon, in the burnt


 Why can’t a flower be a flower If it’s too beautiful it must be plucked If it’s to shy, it will never be acknowledged  If it has too many thorns it must be mutilated  Why do we never leave the flower alone Its life is short anyway  Maybe it


The butterflies in my stomach  Were asleep until I met you  You made my ‘inner-mosts’ run wild  Like a child after 3 ice lollies and a chocolate bar  You made my mind reach across its oceans and pull out the things I thought no one could ever understand  You rescued


…A STORY. I looked up at my mother as a child  And thought… I will never be as beautiful as her when I grow up  No woman will ever be As a teenager I watched As my peers started developing Curves on their bodies  And edges in their hearts  I


   It’s a wonderful thing  Having unconventional skin  Waking up  And making a choice To be different  To be more of you than you were yesterday  To hold eye contact To not look down  To not be intimidated by judgement  To be a little free 


   You have been deteriorating Before yourself  That pain you couldn’t figure out before?  That was your dreams being ripped out of your heart  The suffocating consequence of concerning yourself with other people’s failures  Surrounding yourself with small thinkers and small ideas and small men  While all this time you


i don’t want to be right i just want to be honest lies keep evaporating my time this home left me homeless   And i tried hiding tried finding silence swam the breadth of my heart (shit.) i almost drowned in it   and all these faces they scare me


   I left Tanzania when I was 6 years old And since then, every country I’ve lived in. I have been a foreigner. I guess that means I’ve been a foreigner for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable, it doesn’t make me anything, and to


   The different forms of joy: Making something you’re proud of  Giggling  Laughing till you snort Forgiving someone completely  Letting in love  Realizing you’re better today than you were yesterday  Understanding … Something you didn’t think you could understand  When your love makes someone glow  Accepting the things beyond your

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