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   body. I think we have all struggled, to carry these shells of ours, struggled to accept their skin, or their hips, or their legs and hair… I am currently reading Paulo Coelhos pilgrimage and something stood out for me; there is an exercise during his pilgrimage he had to


It comes quietly, like a shadow, and before you have a chance to try save whatever beautiful thing you built…the dark has already surrounded you. When death comes for love, saving it might do more damage than letting it go; what used to inspire, what used to ignite… it all


  This. This has been a challenging year. I was someone who didn’t like talking about my emotions, or letting my pain be seen, but sometimes when the walls that you built with your own hands fail you, you just have to sit and surrender. To God, to the universe

Does Celibacy Have a place in our society?

I remember in grade 4, after we started learning about sex we had a session where a psychologist came in (at least I’m guessing she was one) with a box of smarties and spoke about what sex feels like. She said sex is like sharing yourself with a person and

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