Ultra Light Beams

Visual Art Festival Zanzibar 2019

People learn and grow from imitation and repetition, mirroring in role models, ideas, activities and attitudes around them.

Taking into consideration the Tanzanian context, and the social nuances of Dar es Salaam in particular in relation to global standards, it is easy to fall into the cycle of entitlement – expecting our communities to function, grow and provide for us in an exponential way.

It is human nature to focus on those things which weigh us down, which frustrate us, which we want to change; unaware that this constant emphasis of the negative results in us over looking all that is good.

Ultra Light Beams aims to highlight the moments, feelings, people and places that contribute to the progressive ever evolving narrative of Tanzania. Through the interpretation of local inspiration by sound, video, image and text. A new media art exhibition that will create a platform that showcases the richness, diversity and presence of growth within the country.

An Ultra Light Beam is an idea, a person, a sound or thought that elevates you into a state of appreciation of life itself and that which is around you.



Nafasi Art Space, 2019

As the current inhabitants of earth, we are the result of a long line of ancestors, of sacrifice, of revolutions, wars and hundreds of years of cumulative knowledge and transformation. We are all the by-products of inheritance.

If we consider inheritance only as the physical passing of ownership, we fail to see it in its entirety – as the passing down of life force.  Our genetics, the information we are exposed to in our daily lives, sometimes even our dreams and aspirations are products of countless others. This exhibition is a doorway into exploring those things that are beyond touch, stepping into the reality that we are emotional, intuitive and most of all influential beings that are also influenced by what is around us.

The artists delve into the various spheres of inheritance, touching on both the tangible and intangible. They observe inheritance as large scale phenomena, including belief systems, cultural norms and emotive expressions, as well as the possibilities of individual epigenetic inheritance of trauma and memory.

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