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There are days

I am repelled by the whiteness

When the whiteness
Seems so unfamiliar

I want to set it on fire
Inside of me

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Your daughter is calling.

Hello mother
It is me, your daughter
You might not recognize me anymore
It has been years
Since we have
Touched bones
And shared tears
And maybe the
Concrete from the
City found its way
Into my skin
And I might feel
But I promise
I am still your daughter
And maybe
Waiting for buses
Has made me stop
Waiting for god
And the faith you birthed
Might have found another home
But I promise
I am still your daughter
And maybe
Looking for a better life
Has forced me into a worse one
And I no longer remember
The way you make mtori
But I promise
I am still yours

Published Pg. 43 Poetry Potion 13: Transformation, 2018

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