In order to hunger for liberation, we must see ourselves as agents of liberation, as fighters and leaders. We have been induced to propaganda that feeds our sense of inferiority for so long that it is both necessary and vital for us to now radically push our own propaganda – propaganda that will manifest itself […]

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  I’ve been fighting off this feeling For longer than I can remember The need to understand a language that your mouth fails to speak The need to have a home (Frantically) Looking for it in people In the beds of lovers Longing for it in the sky In the land The need to drive […]

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Our cultures suggest we are eternal beings. Full of energy, carrying our ancestors ancestors dreams and the spirit of the universe with us. Most African traditions believe in more than just one plane of existence; and therefore in death there is also life – funerals become a ritual ground of saying goodbye in this life […]

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fertile wounds

“What’s fertile in a wound? Why dwell in one?” – Leslie Jamison I contemplated these two questions while aware of my own pain, my own willingness to feel it and embrace it – why I believe this is the only way to heal. Pain is present so that we are able to locate the joy; […]

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Thelani is the first in a series that aims to reflect on how the world history may have looked like, if instead of being white washed by the west, in was black washed by African women. Taking important figures in white history and changing their narratives into one from a black woman. Starting with Thelani, […]

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A visual representation of how social media is a blurred window into someones real life. It is as if we have become dolls, our thoughts and emotions laid out for public consumption and so we refine ourselves more than we should. We classify emotions into “bad” or “good” and we create an online persona we […]

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Earlier this year (2018) there was a political demonstration by the opposition party, Chadema, as they marched to a local voting station demanding to know why none of their representatives were given permission on time to be present in the rooms when votes were being counted. Aquilina was a young student catching a local bus […]

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Exploring the emotional violence towards women perpetuated by the media. I wanted to present the woman as an object being both on a pedestal and in a prison. Expectations of how a woman can look turns in self-doubt and self- deprecation (violence towards self), which changes how we treat our children and how we expect […]

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