The Pathological Museum (Genesis)

The Pathological Museum is an evolving body of work that started off as an observation of the effects colonization had on me – both obvious and not so obvious – the sickness or pathology was colonial parasites of religion, imperialism and language and I was the host.

As the project unfolded it became more about human nature and I began to realize that I am who I am, hybrid – an amalgamation of two worlds, something new, like so many other millennials. The museum is now an observation on the innate human desire or power and our tendency to destroy that which we do not understand.


Can you come a little closer

I want to see the parts of you

That were bartered in

The parts of you that are made

 Of sisal and coffee

And chaga proverbs

I want to see the parts of you

You used to love

Your name

That beautiful french name

That once made you feel better

The name which now whispers

“Take me home” “emmène moi chez toi’’

But your body

Still looks like both of your grandmothers

while your tongue looks like

A good education

Come closer

Let me strip you bare

So you can see how

You have become both

The savior

And the sword

The first hybrid open studio was a result of a 1.5 month residency at ARK Tanzania.

Heaving History Installation (In progress)
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