The following pieces all incorporate string [acrylic yarn] as a main element in the formation of the art.

I am intrigued by the flexibility & strength to join – how it is so delicate yet so strong. It reminds me of the human body. The string also acts as a metaphorical road map or bridge; a symbol of a longing to belong or be kept together

A visual response words I wrote as a result of being called a “mkwerekwere*” while I was living in Cape Town:

I’ve been fighting off this feeling
For longer than I can remember
The need to understand a language that your mouth fails to speak
The need to have a home
(Frantically) Looking for it in people
In the beds of lovers
Longing for it in the sky
In the land
The need to drive to my mother’s house
to have Sunday family lunches,
The need to stop wondering if they know I’m different,
that I’m not from here
To stop wondering if they can see it in the way my eyes slant
The way my nose curves
The way I say my a’s and my e’s
The need to not always be
A stranger
A mystery
A foreigner
It lingers over you like an unpaid debt
Ringing and echoing “you do not belong here”

*offensive word that means foreigner

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