johari’s 5th window

We are born and a name is placed upon us. A collection of consonants and vowels that we intertwine ourselves with; name becomes us and we shape name into person, into trait, into a whole individual.

As we spend more time getting to know others and discovering ourselves, suddenly who we are and who we want to be seems to become two separate things. We try navigate ourselves in between expectation, duty and our own spirit longings.

We hide, we keep secrets, we lie.

We say things we never thought we would say, and do things that make us feel like strangers in our own bodies. Constantly moving, morphing between worlds of outer and inner self. Between the aware subconscious and the unknown unconscious.

We find people who point out beauties we had never seen in ourselves, we encounter others who seduce a darkness we were unaware we were carrying.

We repent . And transform . And detox . And find the light

We wander. And wonder

Fight to break the very beliefs we were fighting to believe

We shed names, and find new identities, in hopes of redefining our true selves

In hopes of seeing ourselves free from ourselves.

This is the premise of Johari’s 5th window. Beyond the boundaries of what people know of us and what we don’t know of ourselves, this photo series explores the areas of the 4 zones of Johari’s window; the parts we keep hidden, the parts of ourselves we are unable to see, the part we show others and the vast unknown. The 5th plane suggested is a kind of spiritual high, where the self can be seen both objectively and subjectively; where we can observe ourselves as a complete whole; no blind spots, no hiding. A self love, all accepting cloud 9.

Project Photographers: Guillem Gomis & Valerie Amani

Model : Sabrina Yegela

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