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Imagine the silence in a church congregation when the preacher pauses mid sentence. The whole room frozen in time, waiting for ‘God’ to speak through man, waiting for a message that will bring them closer to salvation… or is it civilization?

I found myself in an all black African church, full of a people worshiping in a church that carried a large painting of a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus Christ, and I couldn’t help but wonder – How the hell did we get here?

I therefore was inspired to embark on a personal and communal journey of discovery centering around the history of Christianity in Tanzania and Africa as a whole. What if history turned out differently? Would we still believe what we do so vigorously.

I created a 3 part body of Art that explores the rituals and implications of Christianity.

Religion has made room for complacent faith. Are we able to take full responsibility of what we believe and why we believe it?

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