Power hungry, 2020

This is a short format piece that speaks to the metaphorical “gluttony” of the African political landscape. Food is used as objects are used in trade; the trade of justice for corruption, the community for the individual. The culture of excess. The type of food itself is seen as that which is only accessible to people of a certain class, Chapati and Maandazi are seen as somewhat “treats” or luxury food and the Red red wine being guzzled down like water. Eating in this case can also elude to the welcoming of multinational deals that in effect takes away agency of the local people in the agricultural sector.
When critiquing the luxury culture of high level African politicians I also think of the ones feeding them (the tax payer, the common man) and the systematic tools that prevents them from not feeding. I finally ask myself what happens when the meal is over? Will it ever be over?

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