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   body. I think we have all struggled, to carry these shells of ours, struggled to accept their skin, or their hips, or their legs and hair… I am currently reading Paulo Coelhos pilgrimage and something stood out for me; there is an exercise during his pilgrimage he had to


Final expressions of a modern warrior

I’m not good at making decisions. Actually I probably might be the most indecisive person in the world. But something was different when at the beginning of this year we received the most important brief I will ever get in Fashion school… our graduate collection brief. To put things in

The past few weeks in photos

The day when i decide to make a blog post of just photos… i lose most of the relevant ones…thankfully there is Instagram.   After my intership I was able to be at Mercedes Benz Fashion week with an amazing mentor Anisa Mpungwe, PLUS upcoming designer Pieter Burger of WAKE

Concentration Zero

I often wonder at what point I will wake up and be a proper adult. Which means actually paying attention once in a while a listening to people. I think once you are too comfortable in your own head it gets hard to sneak out into the real world lol.

I really need to get better at social media

So I was so involved in my internship i forgot to blog all about it *puts a pin in it* i really need to get to that. Its actually been so long i forgot my wordpress password :”) what a fail. Anywho, my samples for my mini preview collection are

Pure White

Pure White I have been so busy taking steps to further my journey in fashion that I have almost always forgotten to give account to it. So I’m going to backtrack by referring you to a talented photographer and loyal friend Elizabeth who by the goodness of her blessed heart

Life and times of a Failed Multi Tasker

I told myself that this year I was going to take my blog seriously… alas weeks without posting nothing *shakes head at self* … HOWEVER I have been taking good care of my baby brand Kahvarah and aim on releasing a retail range end of April. Here is a little


So as I said i was fascinated with Rene Gruaus style of illustrating, and so i started playing around and it got me this:   After a bit of playing around i added a modern twist thanks to photoshop 🙂 i think i’m gonna do more playing around.    

Fashion & Illustrations: My crush on Rene Gruau

Back when art was fashion and fashion was art couturiers such as Christian Dior, Paul Poiret and Chanel had illustrators who were dedicated to producing sketches and portraits that captured the essence of the respective brands. And while doing some research into this for fashion history homework, I totally fell

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