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  I have managed to get my thoughts together, after surviving the agonizing anxiety of the first 2 days of the year. “What are your plans this year? Any resolutions? What do you think needs to change?” Even if (by some supernatural force of nature) I had all these answers

The Fanny Pack…

There has always been a shaky relationship between being practical and being fashionable. Normally when things are practical they are far from fashionable, (for example Crocs) and when things are fashionable they are hardly practical (10 inch louboutins, jumpsuits -peeing is a mission in them… and the list goes on).

When wise statements aren’t so wise…

There are certain things that people say, that may sound smart and profound, but once you think of it in relation to the moment, you realize that they were probably not listening to you and gave a cheesy line to cover up for the inadequacy. These are the top 3

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