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My heart is a construction site.  It echoes like a drill in my chest  Slowly coming apart  I sigh deeply  Pushing back the tears that have been welling in my eyes for weeks I pace my room  Gathering courage to leave it.  Everything in here And everything out there  Makes


   Monsters are people Who are loved by someone  that they don’t love back Yet hoard their affection  Dry them out of hope and trust  Then let them go Monsters are people  Who are loved by someone  They don’t love back  But are scared of being alone  So they hurt


   We must stop treating pain like poison. Poison gets in, destroys, cripples, and kills. Pain gets in, destroys, cripples .. And makes space for something new to be built.  It will not kill you; its intention was never to end you but to expand you. 


   Treat your pain like dough. You have to touch it. Toil with it. Stretch it, test it, discover what lies beneath it. All until you finally mould it into something beautiful. 



  This. This has been a challenging year. I was someone who didn’t like talking about my emotions, or letting my pain be seen, but sometimes when the walls that you built with your own hands fail you, you just have to sit and surrender. To God, to the universe

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