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wanderer. part 1.

Part 1 of the photoshoot I did with the talented Elizabeth Emmanuel. I have never felt so free and comfortable with my body. Self acceptance is truly a spiritual experience. “Since childhood, we are told to hide, to keep our heads down and to act like part of the crowd.


   body. I think we have all struggled, to carry these shells of ours, struggled to accept their skin, or their hips, or their legs and hair… I am currently reading Paulo Coelhos pilgrimage and something stood out for me; there is an exercise during his pilgrimage he had to

Final expressions of a modern warrior

I’m not good at making decisions. Actually I probably might be the most indecisive person in the world. But something was different when at the beginning of this year we received the most important brief I will ever get in Fashion school… our graduate collection brief. To put things in

I really need to get better at social media

So I was so involved in my internship i forgot to blog all about it *puts a pin in it* i really need to get to that. Its actually been so long i forgot my wordpress password :”) what a fail. Anywho, my samples for my mini preview collection are

Pure White

A sneak peak for a previous post Model: Natasha Designer: Valerie Amani Designs: kahvarah.tumblr.com/ Photography, Make Up and Styling: Beautifulimperfectionz Photography

Pure White

Pure White I have been so busy taking steps to further my journey in fashion that I have almost always forgotten to give account to it. So I’m going to backtrack by referring you to a talented photographer and loyal friend Elizabeth who by the goodness of her blessed heart

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