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   You have been deteriorating Before yourself  That pain you couldn’t figure out before?  That was your dreams being ripped out of your heart  The suffocating consequence of concerning yourself with other people’s failures  Surrounding yourself with small thinkers and small ideas and small men  While all this time you


   There is a sort of freedom , a joyous childlike unbounded sense of life that comes from letting go of everything you thought you needed.  Being alone. Unsurrounded by props and spirits of people you thought you knew.  Just you. And your terrifying fears that no longer seem so


   My heart …it is strange There are times it is completely still  Silent and disinterested It almost feels untouchable as if it is not even a part of me  And then. Without warning. It opens, and overflows With all the things I was so certain I didn’t feel  And



Something McQueen said… and my waffling caption

So i really wasn’t going to post anything today, firstly because I have nothing of importance to say, and secondly, even if I did I would’t say it well because Im half finishing a school assignment. All of this is totally irrelevant in terms what I am posting about, I

Coco wisdom

I found this quote I cut out probably 5 years ago when I was cleaning my room. 🙂 I still think it’s divine

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