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 When will you understandThat you will never be beautiful enough  You will never be intelligent enough You will never be adventurous enough You will never  Be Enough  for the man who does not love you  Stop trying to feed someone who starves you You are grinding away your heart,


 Why can’t a flower be a flower If it’s too beautiful it must be plucked If it’s to shy, it will never be acknowledged  If it has too many thorns it must be mutilated  Why do we never leave the flower alone Its life is short anyway  Maybe it


   There is a sort of freedom , a joyous childlike unbounded sense of life that comes from letting go of everything you thought you needed.  Being alone. Unsurrounded by props and spirits of people you thought you knew.  Just you. And your terrifying fears that no longer seem so

wanderer. part 1.

Part 1 of the photoshoot I did with the talented Elizabeth Emmanuel. I have never felt so free and comfortable with my body. Self acceptance is truly a spiritual experience. “Since childhood, we are told to hide, to keep our heads down and to act like part of the crowd.


   body. I think we have all struggled, to carry these shells of ours, struggled to accept their skin, or their hips, or their legs and hair… I am currently reading Paulo Coelhos pilgrimage and something stood out for me; there is an exercise during his pilgrimage he had to


Not a rigid square But an artistic collection of lines, and curves and whimsical swirls Not an empty house But a home filled with memories, and laughter and multi-coloured walls Not a cloud But a sky painted with galaxies, and constellations and a singing sun Not a vessel But a

When did it become ok?

When did it become ok for a man to ask a woman he hardly knows for a photo of her vagina? When did it become ok to call a woman who does not want to have sex with you a prude, and a girl who does a whore? When did it

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