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   My heart …it is strange There are times it is completely still  Silent and disinterested It almost feels untouchable as if it is not even a part of me  And then. Without warning. It opens, and overflows With all the things I was so certain I didn’t feel  And


   We must stop treating pain like poison. Poison gets in, destroys, cripples, and kills. Pain gets in, destroys, cripples .. And makes space for something new to be built.  It will not kill you; its intention was never to end you but to expand you. 




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   Just when I think I’ve made it  That I’ve graduated from the college of loving you  That I am free You pull your reigns, and the shackles on my feet start burning  And in that moment it is as if every single well in the world has dried up 


   Treat your pain like dough. You have to touch it. Toil with it. Stretch it, test it, discover what lies beneath it. All until you finally mould it into something beautiful. 


Take me…

something to remember

It is inevitable. Having a bad day. or just feeling as though the world is going to swallow you whole. I was having one of those days. Then I read this. And it truly was like magic. I felt better. And better is progress. ❤ http://greatestreality.tumblr.com/


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