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…A STORY. I looked up at my mother as a child  And thought… I will never be as beautiful as her when I grow up  No woman will ever be As a teenager I watched As my peers started developing Curves on their bodies  And edges in their hearts  I

Blushin’ Bold

My recent venture has taken me into full-time make-up obsession, not in a ‘let me put on 100 layers of foundation way’, but more towards aiming to discover the art, design and versatility in make-up along with the thousands of ways to make it totally unique to you. This is

When did it become ok?

When did it become ok for a man to ask a woman he hardly knows for a photo of her vagina? When did it become ok to call a woman who does not want to have sex with you a prude, and a girl who does a whore? When did it

Something McQueen said… and my waffling caption

So i really wasn’t going to post anything today, firstly because I have nothing of importance to say, and secondly, even if I did I would’t say it well because Im half finishing a school assignment. All of this is totally irrelevant in terms what I am posting about, I

A story of a Woman

I’m a mess of a beautiful portrait An illustration of what could have been A collection of stolen secrets A chest of forgotten dreams I’m a woman without a cause A story no one wants to tell I am images of whispers Exchanged between heaven and hell I am a

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