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 When will you understandThat you will never be beautiful enough  You will never be intelligent enough You will never be adventurous enough You will never  Be Enough  for the man who does not love you  Stop trying to feed someone who starves you You are grinding away your heart,

The past few weeks in photos

The day when i decide to make a blog post of just photos… i lose most of the relevant ones…thankfully there is Instagram.   After my intership I was able to be at Mercedes Benz Fashion week with an amazing mentor Anisa Mpungwe, PLUS upcoming designer Pieter Burger of WAKE

Dont Marry Rich (just yet)

I saw a picture while doing my usual rounds of procrastination and it made me stop and think ( i attached it below). Firstly i thought how as women, so much more is expected from us now since in most countries we have access to the same education and the

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